Kuwait City Tower

Posted in Competition by pierre forissier on August 15, 2008



Position: Assistant Architect for jmarchitect

Lead Architect/ Design Director: Jim Brennan


In developing the tower’s design, we undertook a simple visual analysis to identify the similarity of programme and aesthetic. We wanted to reflect the client’s aspirations in the tower’s design to ensure the building made a positive statement about who owns and occupies it.

The building’s design creates five distinct office zones arranged vertically throughout the 28 floors. The tower can be accessed via a triple height office entrance foyer with restaurant and retail functions below and a conference mezzanine above. The ‘gift’ acts as the key transition element between the upper and lower zones of the tower, creating a gallery and theatre amenity.

A holistic, integrated design approach works with the natural environment to create a comfortable, low-energy building that remains visually exciting. This would be achieved through detailed consideration and utilization of all the facades to control heat gains, heat losses and ventilation through the building. This strategy combines with the internal mechanical systems which are, in turn, driven by using as much free energy as possible.

jmarchitects was one of six architects practices (and the only firm based in the UK) to be short listed for this competition