Research /// Weaving

Posted in Research, Structure by pierre forissier on October 15, 2009

weave 01

Weaving space constructed by local operations involving changes of directions. These changes in direction may be due to the nature of the applied forces or to the variability of the goal.

weave 02

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Research /// Aperiodic development

Posted in Research, Structure by pierre forissier on October 16, 2008

very test 01

very test 02

very test 03

Aperiodic development testing pattern tesselations and repetitions.

The idea is to conduct a research in generating forms using variable computer operations, with the objective of applying the findings into architectural design.

This is an hybrid process in a way that the computational possibilities often assist the design and generate new ideas. They become complementary.

very test 04

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Research /// Structures

Posted in Structure by pierre forissier on October 14, 2008

pavilion 03

3D parametric exercises ///

Rhino + grasshopper ///

Tutorial published on ncodon

The main idea is to multiply a simple pattern to achieve a complex structure.

Exploring the frontier between skins & self supporting structures.

pavilion 04 copy

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